SXSW 2018 PanelPicker Voting Now Opened!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve submitted a proposal to speak at SXSW 2018 and that voting is now opened.

My proposal is titled:

Find Hidden Talent: Autism in the Global Workplace

For this presentation, my co-presenter is Dr. Hedi Stieglitz Ham, Founder/CEO of Spectrum Fusion, an innovative think-tank and initiative for adults with autism, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Click on this link, to vote for our presentation to help our goal of speaking at SXSW 2018:

Voting is FREE and ends on August 25!

Thanks for the support!




EPIC Videos with Dr. Tony Attwood!

When I was 8 years old, I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. The very first book that my Mom read about Asperger’s, was by world renowned Asperger’s expert, Dr. Tony Attwood.

Tony actually lives right here in Brisbane.

Recently, I had the chance to help create and film a three-part video series with Tony, related to employment, through a collaboration with my workplace, EPIC Assist.

Here are the three videos, which I am very proud to have been a part of!

Share them around the world!!

From Fargo to OZ!

I had a big life change recently. I moved to Australia!

Last Friday, I stepped off a plane at about 7am in Brisbane, Australia, ready to begin my new life in OZ, down under.

  For the next year, I’ll be here in Australia working for an organization called EPIC Assist as a Recruting Consultant and continuing my speaking and autism advocacy work. As a Recruting Consultant, I will help people with disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum, find and maintain meaningful employment after they finish University.

I’m blessed to have been given this opportunity and am honored to be in such a beautiful country.

Over the next several months, I will share in my journey in Australia and hope to highlight some of the great people I meet along the way.

Cheers Mate, as the say here!



Final Day, Europe 2015, Day 10!

Good Afternoon from Iceland!

I’m currently at the airport in Reykjavik, about to end my Europe adventure and head back to Fargo.

This morning I spent some time by the water at the harbor, ate at an Icelandic hot dog stand once visited by Bill Clinton and I even shopped at an Icelandic grocery store to get a snack bag of dried fish and some Icelandic chocolate bars. The hot dog is actually made of lamb, as that’s a big thing here in Iceland. I had two hot dogs and they were really good!

I wasn’t crazy about the dried fish but did enjoy the chocolate!

When I went to the harbor, I was by the Icelandic Performing Arts Center, which had a neat design.

My entire trip has been amazing and I hope to one day return to Iceland to see the many other great sights the country has to offer!

Until the states…

-The ZEZ

Iceland Final Day, Europe 2015, Day 9!

Good Evening from Iceland!

Today was an exciting day, filled with a walking tour of Reykjavik and my speaking event with the Icelandic Autism Society!

Before the walking tour I went to Hallgrímskirkja, the famous Lutheran Church that overlooks the city. There was a tower to climb with great city views.

The troll photo wasn’t at the church, I just thought it seemed fun.






The walking tour was very informative. We started at the parliament building and walked around central downtown. 



After my tour I came back to the hostel to relax before my evening speaking event.

Right before the speaking event, I went to dinner with some of the staff and board members of the Icelandic Autism Society, which was very nice.

The speaking event was great and I had many great questions from audience members, including what might be some good suggestions for parents or family members to connect with their kids or people they know on the autism specturm. My advice was to take an active interest in what the person on the specturm likes to do. My universal example is Legos. If your person likes to play with Legos and build things, do that with them. It shows them that you are interested in what they are interested in. Also, it shows that they matter to you. Simple advice, but I find it works.




The day was a great success and I’m very happy I had the opportunity to come to Iceland and speak about autism.

Tomorrow my trip ends and I head back to Fargo. I’ll do some brief sightseeing in the morning until my afternoon flight.

Until then…

-The ZEZ