Final Day, Europe 2015, Day 10!

Good Afternoon from Iceland!

I’m currently at the airport in Reykjavik, about to end my Europe adventure and head back to Fargo.

This morning I spent some time by the water at the harbor, ate at an Icelandic hot dog stand once visited by Bill Clinton and I even shopped at an Icelandic grocery store to get a snack bag of dried fish and some Icelandic chocolate bars. The hot dog is actually made of lamb, as that’s a big thing here in Iceland. I had two hot dogs and they were really good!

I wasn’t crazy about the dried fish but did enjoy the chocolate!

When I went to the harbor, I was by the Icelandic Performing Arts Center, which had a neat design.

My entire trip has been amazing and I hope to one day return to Iceland to see the many other great sights the country has to offer!

Until the states…

-The ZEZ


One thought on “Final Day, Europe 2015, Day 10!

  1. You seem to have had an excellent trip. Save journey home.


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