Iceland…Beautiful Nature, Europe 2015, Day 8!

Good Evening from Reykjavik!

It’s close to midnight here at the top of the world, but I still had a fun evening.

This morning I flew out of London and arrived in Iceland at just before 5pm, local time.

Here are some photos from the plane and the drive in on the bus. I felt like I walked into a combination of the IKEA catalog and National Geographic and that’s just here in the city!!  




After arriving at my hostel, I quickly booked a bus tour to see the Northern Lights. My traveling companion was another hostel guest named Lucy, who is from France. She and I sat together on the bus, so it was nice to have someone new to meet.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the lights tonight. It was still neat to try and attempt seeing them though. Iceland really is a beautiful country!

I’m now headed to bed and look forward to exploring the city tomorrow, as well as speaking at my event with Iceland Autism!

Until tomorrow…

-The ZEZ


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