Church and Shopping, Europe 2015, Day 7!

Good Evening/Morning from London! This post was late with photos so it’s now Monday at breakfast in London.

Sunday was started in church and ended in church. I started with a communion service in the original Wesley Chapel here in London. It was neat to take communion in the same building where John Wesley preached.


 Before the service, I paid a quick visit to the cemetery across the street where the poet William Blake and John Bunyan, the guy who wrote Pilgrims Progress are buried.

 I then went to Harrods and spent almost two hours browsing the store. Some of the funnier items I found included a personal submarine.


After Harrods, I went to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. At Westminster Abbey, I went to an organ recital and the evening service, which was cool.



I then returned to the hostel and had some dinner and went to bed.

This afternoon, I fly to Iceland!

Until Iceland…

-The ZEZ




One thought on “Church and Shopping, Europe 2015, Day 7!

  1. Love you and your daily entries. Safe journeys!

    Sent from my iPad



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