Cambridge, Europe 2015, Day 6!

Good Evening from London!

I had an exciting morning visiting Cambridge University and am now in London until Monday morning when I head to Iceland.

I took a two hour walking tour of Cambridge University this morning and saw two of the 31 colleges that make up Cambridge. First, St. John’s College and then Queen’s College.

Before I did the walking tour, I visited Great St. Mary’s church. 

After St Mary’s, the Cambridge tour began. I was actually the only American on the tour and many other people were from the UK, which is unusual for a Cambridge tour.

The first stop was St. John’s College. While there, I saw the college chapel, punting on the river, which were the boats and a famous bridge called the Bridge of Sighs. 

After St. John’s, we did a brief walk around the city center, including a visit to the Eagle Pub where Watson and Crick announced the discovery of DNA. The bug and golden clock shown below is called the Chorpus Christi clock.   

We then visited Queen’s College. There, we saw a sun/moon dial that is one of only six of it’s kind in the world. Also, at Cambridge, only graduates and professors are allowed to walk on the grass. Everyone else is required to stay off the grass.

We couldn’t visit the major college chapel, called King’s Chapel, located on the grounds of King’s College, due to a graduation ceremony taking place. I was still able to get my picture in front of the chapel standing outside the gates though.

After the tour, I grabbed some lunch at Subway and then eventually took to train to London. I arrived at the hostel in London and settled in for some rest, before having a London tour day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will be attending church at the Wesley Chapel, the founding church of Methodism and a night service at Westminster Abbey, among other sightseeing.

Until then…


-The ZEZ


One thought on “Cambridge, Europe 2015, Day 6!

  1. Continue to enjoy your daily excursions and the beautiful photos. You look happy and hope you are feeling well by now. As Always….sent with love, Grandma


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