Swansea and Cambridge, Europe 2015, Day 5!

Good Evening from Cambridge!

This morning, I spoke to the Swansea Branches conference of the National Autistic Society (NAS), delivering a lecture on my overall journey with autism. The lecture attendees really seemed to enjoy my presentation.

The speaking event was followed by a lunch with attends, most of who were NAS staff or affiliated volunteers through the surrounding area in Wales.

After lunch, I boarded a train to London. After arriving in London, I quickly boarded another train to Cambridge.

Once I arrived in Cambridge, I checked into my hostel and then went on a short walk for dinner to the main restaurant area and stopped at a small Asian noodle place.

I’ve returned to the hostel and will be headed out in the morning to see some of the various colleges that make up Cambridge, apparently it’s not just one college. The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, which stinks, but hopefully I’ll still get some good photos and touring in before my afternoon train to London.

Until tomorrow…

-The ZEZ 


One thought on “Swansea and Cambridge, Europe 2015, Day 5!

  1. Good info…..nice pics. You are sooo handsome. Of course, I am not prejudice(ha-ha).

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