Travel Thursday, Europe 2015, Day 4

Good Evening from Swansea, Wales!
Today was a travel day for me, but also another day that began with very little sleep.
Last night, after heading to my room at the hostel in Edinburgh, as I was about to go to bed, some of my roommates arrived. Earlier in the day, I met one roommate, a guy from Australia. When the other two entered, they were two girls, one from California and the other from Australia. 
We all stayed up talking until just after Midnight and I was up at 3:30am for my 6:30am flight to London.
Once I arrived in London, I boarded the London Underground to head to Paddington Station, where I got my train to Swansea.
On the train to Swansea, I sat with a college professor who has lived in Europe for the past 31 years, but was born and raised in North Carolina. We spent a good part of the train ride talking about the differences in American and European social systems and political structures. Definitely some good conversation.

Just before 2pm, we arrived in Swansea and I spent the rest of the day relaxing in my hotel room, ending the evening with a sandwhich from a little shop down the street from the hotel.

Note in the photos above, the train sign and the map are in both English and Welsh, the two official languages of Wales.

Tomorrow I have my next speaking engagement, here at the hotel, for the National Autistic Society, Swansea branch. After that, I’ll get back on a train to head for London and ultimately Cambridge, where I will spend Friday night and Saturday before going back to London on Saturday night.

Until then…
– The ZEZ


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