Scotland Argh! Europe 2015, Day 3

Good Evening from Edinburgh!
I’ve completed another country on my personal visit list and my autism advocacy speaking list, with today’s visit to Scotland.
I started the morning very early with a 7am flight to Glasgow. I should say that I actually only got about an hour of sleep, which included several “Inception” style dreams-within-dreams. Those don’t happen often for me, but it was certainly odd. After waking up about 1am, I proceeded to get my mind racing with various thoughts on autism research ideas and my trips ahead. I never fell back to sleep so I’ve been up since about 1am this morning.
After my flight to Glasgow, I proceeded to the Millenium Hotel to meet up with Charlene Tait, the development director of Scottish Autism. 
Once Charlene arrived, we headed to a meeting room for the multi-part video interview of myself, that will be ultimately shown as part of resource materials to parents and other individuals related to Scottish Autism.
We covered segments regarding my autism diagnosis, education, employment and general outlook on the state of ASD supports, among other things.
After the interview segment, I hopped on a train to head to Edinburgh.
Once arriving in Edinburgh, I headed to Edinburgh Castle which overlooks the city. I took many photos of the different parts of my self-guided audio tour and learned many neat things, including how the castle entrance gate was partially dedicated to William Wallace of Braveheart fame. 

After visiting the castle, I made a short visit to a local church to admire the stained glass windows and memorials to some impactful Scottish people. One memorial I found to be interesting commemorated the person who discovered Cholorform Anestesa. I guess that was something important with Scottish medicine.

I ended the day with a dinner at the hostel. I’m headed to bed fairly shortly, as I have another early flight tomorrow to London with an ultimate destination of Wales tomorrow night for Friday’s autism event.

I’ve posted more pictures on my Facebook page instead of here, as tonight the wifi is a little spotty and is giving me trouble uploading things.


 Until next time,


-The ZEZ


One thought on “Scotland Argh! Europe 2015, Day 3

  1. All sounds exciting and exhausting. But I am sure you are on a high meeting these people, presenting your story, and visiting so many places. Good job, Grandson! Love you.

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