No Sleep Till Belfast! Europe 2015, Day 1!

Good Evening from Belfast, Northern Ireland!

Today has been a whirlwind exciting first day of my 2015 Europe trip. Yesterday I left Chicago, after spending an overnight with my brother in the Windy City and headed towards Dublin. After arriving in Dublin early this morning, I immediately got on a train for Belfast, to prepare for my first speaking event of the trip, which took place earlier this afternoon.

When I arrived in Belfast, I was greeted at the train station by the Branch Officer of the National Autism Society (NAS) North and West Belfast branch, Sarah Burrows.

After getting checked in to my hotel, I then reunited with Sarah at her offices in downtown Belfast for the event. The speaking time was fantastic and I received many questions about disability supports,  disclosure and bullying, among many others. Many times, I suggested having a high school or guidance counselor help to work with the students as they transitioned into college life. This allowed the counselor to still provide feedback for the student, while remaining in the life of the student outside of the college environment.


The questions lasted for about 45 minutes and it’s the longest Q&A I’ve had so far on the speaking circuit.
After the Q&A, I went to dinner with Sarah and her co-worker Stuart, which was very good.

Tomorrow, I will be connecting with Autism NI and speaking at the Northern Ireland parliament building, so I am looking forward to that. 

I can barely keep my eyes opened as I’m typing, so I am going to end this blog entry for tonight.

Until next time…


-The ZEZ


3 thoughts on “No Sleep Till Belfast! Europe 2015, Day 1!

  1. Hi Zach

    Well spoken today. I do possibly disagree with one thing you said. It regards you disliking mathematics. I really do not think this is the case.

    My evidence is that you choose to use spreadsheets for your personal budgeting. Spreadsheets are very sophisticated mathematics.

    The important difference is that they are very visual. And very controlled.

    This makes me think that although you do not like aspects of mathematics, in fact you are very capable provided you approach them in a visual way.

    Would you agree with this or do you think I am wrong?


  2. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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