Saturday Night’s Alright in Australia!

Good Evening from Brisbane!

I can’t believe my journey down under ends tomorrow and I have to head back to America.

Today, on my final day in Brisbane, I met up with Garry Burge, who leads the Brisbane Aspie Adults Social Group.

We had a quick breakfast and then headed across the river towards Brisbane City Hall.
After getting to city hall, we had planned to go to the Brisbane City Museum that was located within city hall, but we arrived too early before it was opened.

At that point, we headed towards the oldest church in Brisbane, to check it out. First though, we stopped at a renovated Anglican church and along another side of the river to see the Story Bridge, one of the more famous bridges in the city.



After stopping at the Story Bridge, we went to the oldest church in Brisbane, to see a wooden carving of St. Mary MacKillop, the first canonized saint in Australia.

Next to the carving were pieces of her original coffin, from her death in 1909.


After we visited the church, we headed back to city hall for the Brisbane City Museum. At the museum, I took a short tour of the Brisbane City Hall clock tower, which had nice views of downtown.

After parting ways with Garry in the afternoon, I headed back to my hotel to pack and get some rest before my early morning flight home.

I’ve enjoyed my time greatly in Australia and look forward to returning in the future, to see other parts of the country.

Tomorrow I will have four different stops and plane changes before I get to Fargo, so I’m heading to bed early to be rested for some very long travel.

I’m hoping to get some good pictures of the Sydney Opera House from the airplane tomorrow, as the first leg of my flight home is from Brisbane to Sydney. We shall see what I can come up with. Seeing the opera house from the air won’t be the same as seeing it in person, but it will be neat regardless, if I can catch a glimpse from above.

Until then, Good Night from Brisbane!

-The ZEZ


One thought on “Saturday Night’s Alright in Australia!

  1. Really good photos and descriptions. So happy you had this opportunity. Safe journey home. Love you, Grandma

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