APAC Day 3 – Awesome!!

Good Evening from Brisbane!!

Today was the final day of APAC and the most important one… I presented my lecture!

The day opened with great lectures by Dr Iliana Magiati who talked about autism and anxiety and Dr. Yuan Gao, a Chinese doctor who gave a great presentation about ancient Chinese wisdoms as it related to raising his son with autism.

After a follow-up morning lecture that I attended featuring a variety of people on the autism spectrum, it was time for my afternoon session and my lecture.

I was very excited to present my lecture and the audience turnout was great!

 The lecture went great and some of the follow-up questions I got from the audience, included questions about disability support services during college and asking about when I came to terms with my autism. I answered those questions separately, but can answer them on here in one statement.

In collge, I didn’t really seek out disability support services because I didn’t come to awareness terms with my autism really until I entered college. Before college, I thought of myself as normal, quirky, ZEZ. It wasn’t until college that I really owned my autism.

The conference ended with a Q&A with some of the main speakers throughout the week. It was nice to hear their different thoughts on many worldwide perspectives on autism.

After the conference, I returned to my hotel to rest a little while and then headed out to grab a quick bite to eat. 

I’m now back to the hotel room and eating my dinner while watching some rugby pregame coverage, among flipping through Australian TV. I figured I’d have to watch some Australian TV at least once during my trip.

Tomorrow I plan to meet up with Garry Burge, the leader of the Brisbane Aspie Adult Innovators Social Group, to do a little sightseeing on my final day in Brisbane.

My time at the conference has been wonderful and I met a lot of great people! Coming to this conference was absolutely awesome!

Until tomorrow…Good Night from Brisbane!

-The ZEZ


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