APAC Day 2 – Great!

Good Evening on a Thursday night from Brisbane!

The second day of the APAC conference was filled with more great lectures.

This morning started off with a few keynotes, including one main speech by American autism expert Michelle Garcia Winner, who specializes in a program called Social Thinking. She’s the creator of Social Thinking and she speaks around the world. Of course, I had to get a photo with her.

After Michelle spoke, I attended a session where Specialisterne Founder/CEO Thorkil Sonne spoke about the autism advantage as it relates to employment. In that same session, Peter Vermeulen, a Belgian autism expert, spoke about autism and positive thinking. Both great speeches!

After attending two afternoon breakout sessions, I walked to the Brisbane library to meet with the Brisbane Aspie Adult Innovator’s Social Group to hear a short talk by Thorkil. It was nice to meet members of the social group and get some extra time with Thorkil.

When the talk was over, I briefly stopped back at the conference center for the conference cocktail party, which was the final networking event of the conference, separate from the actual day itself. At this point, I introduced myself to Peter Vermeulen and a few other speakers from earlier in the day. As it turns out, my trip to Scotland next month, will have me meeting up with one of Peter’s good friends, who will be interviewing me for a Scottish online autism resource guide. It’s a small world after all.

I’m now back at my hotel and will soon be getting ready to call it a day.

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the conference for me…I get to give my lecture!!! I am very excited for tomorrow and look forward to sharing about autism and my college experience!! 

Until tomorrow…Good Night from Brisbane.

– The ZEZ


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