Autism Advocacy Update!

Hello Readers!

The response to my Australia autism advocacy has been amazing! In just over four days, I raised over $4,000!!! Thank you to everyone who donated and/or shared my page through social media! I am incredibly appreciative and feel very happy! Any extra funds raised are going to be put towards other conferences that I am scheduled to attend this year, including the Autism Society of America Conference in Denver, Colorado, where I will be speaking on a young adult panel about transitions from high school to college life. If you would like to still visit the funding page, it can be found here.

This past Sunday, WDAY, the ABC affiliate in Fargo, covered my advocacy efforts with a story about me. You can see the story by clicking here.

WDAY Interview

Finally, this past weekend, I spoke at the Minnesota State Autism Conference in Minneapolis. My Mom was able to attend the conference with me and she will be joining me this fall on tour for speaking events, which I will share more about in a later post.

Mom and Me AUSM Conference Zach AUSM Conference


Later this week, I will be blogging about Asperger’s and disclosure, an important topic when it comes to being an adult on the autism spectrum. The post will cover things like how to best disclose ASD/Aspergers, when to disclose it and who you should disclose your ASD/Aspergers to in the workplace.  It is something you won’t want to miss.


Until next time…


– The ZEZ



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