A For April…More Like A For Awesome!

I can’t begin to explain all of the excitement I have had over the past few days, so, I’ll just make some quick highlights.

Monday: I began another new job, this one, working at a funeral home here in the Fargo area. Although I could devote a whole post to that, I’ll just say that I’ve entered into an industry that I’ve been interested in since I was a kid and I’m excited.

Tuesday: I saw Eric Church perform in Grand Forks. He’s one of my favorite artists and he put on an amazing show!

Wednesday-Friday: I visited Kearney, Nebraska for the Nebraska ASD Network State Conference to present two lectures. Here are some photos from that trip including one of me with one of the greatest ASD Advocates on the planet, Stephen Shore.



Friday: I fly back to Fargo and on my way home, find out in the Denver airport, that I’ve been selected to speak on a young adult panel at the Autism Society of America National Conference in July. The conference location…Denver.

This is one of the all-around best weeks I’ve had in a long time and I believe it calls for just one thing… Snoopy’s Happy Dance!

Until next time…


-The ZEZ


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