Apple Watch for Aspies?

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite companies, Apple. I don’t want to talk about my love for them, although that would be great, it would take way too long. No, instead I want to briefly talk about their new product the Apple Watch and why it might not or might be a good thing for Aspies.

Although I don’t plan on immediately purchasing an Apple Watch and will most likely wait for version 2 of the product to appear, I still am intrigued about what it can do and what it offers. The ability to basically have your iPhone on your wrist, minus a few iPhone features, is certainly something I like. As an Aspie, I am constantly scheduling events in my life and always like to know what’s going on. With the new Apple Watch, one of the great features deals with notifications available right on the watch, including calendar events, text messages and even phone calls. Yes, I can now finally talk into my watch and people can talk back to me. It’s like James Bond come to life.

With these new notifications that the watch will offer, included is a great new feature relating to taps and vibrations to alert the watch wearer of said notifications. Based on what I’ve read and seen from Apple, the watch will gently tap your wrist with a vibration, depending on what type of notification you will be getting. Although this is a great feature, if a person on the spectrum is sensitive to touch, this random tapping vibration feedback that the watch offers, might be uncomfortable to some. On the flip side, as it is a gentle tap, it might be easier to handle than a real life tap from a person who actually taps you on the shoulder.

Outside of the vibration tap alerts, I actually see the Apple Watch as having an upside for Aspies. Think about it. If an Aspie wants to follow a routine, they can just check their wrist to get their daily schedule, along with all of the other cool features that the watch will bring with it. For me, I’m waiting for the next edition of the watch because of what should hopefully be improved battery life. I love, love, love Apple and all of their products, but I’m not going to go out and spend big money on something that will only last through a charge for one day. Once they can get a charge to go for two to three days, or even a week, then I’ll start taking more notice. Until then, I’m happy to use my decade-old Casio solar powered watch instead.

Until next time…