Boise: More Than Just Blue Turf

Good Afternoon!

Boise, Idaho has lately been known for the blue turf that their college team, The Boise State University Broncos, use as their home field. But, as I discovered, Boise is also home to a great conference.

This past week I spoke at my second ever conference, The Idaho Partnerships Conference on Human Services. Although it was a quick overnight trip, it was a successful one, with over 50 people in attendance for my speaking session. It was my first time in the state of Idaho, so I was happy to check another state off of my list for places that I’ve officially visited. For those wondering, Idaho was state number 27 on my list. Although I’ve technically been through a few more, I don’t consider just driving through acceptable criteria. To officially visit a state, I have to spend at least one night there and have a meal.

IMG_0003 (1) IMG_0009 IMG_0006 IMG_0008

The feedback and questions that I received at this session were great. Popular questions included wanting to know more about my support systems as well as any special accommodations that I might have had growing up. Both of my answers to those questions went back to talking about my family. My family has always been a big support system in my life and growing up it was no different. I was always treated normally by my family and always taught that if I put my mind to something, I could accomplish it. That is something I still believe today.

Although I don’t currently have another conference officially scheduled, I have several in the works for 2015, so hopefully the speaking will continue next year.

Until next time…


-The ZEZ


2 thoughts on “Boise: More Than Just Blue Turf

  1. Zach

    I like the addition of the audience questions. Was this the same type of questioning you got in Bismarck? If it is, would this be a good idea to expand on for future posts? Also include it in your speech.

    Talk to your mom about your early life support system that you might not remember. I know she told me about the teacher you had that brought Aspergers to her attention.

    Just good for thought.


    Mike McMahon Organizers Direct 913-488-1963



  2. So proud of what you are aspiring to do. Very innovative and ingenious to share what you have lived and continue to day by day. You are sharing a wealth of knowledge with parents, students, and educators to better understand the trials and tribulations of an Aspie.


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