Making My BisMarck

Good Afternoon!

This past Tuesday I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the 1st Annual North Dakota State Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota.


The conference was great and I had the chance to speak to a great group of individuals about my college experiences in living with Asperger Syndrome. Following the presentation, we had a great Q&A session where session attendees were able to ask me questions and they definitely asked some great ones!

Questions that were included involved asking about my support system for the high school to college transition period and questions about relationship advice for people on the autism spectrum.

My answer to the support system question included listing people such as my parents as helpful influences. In terms of the relationship questions, since I’ve yet to be in a relationship myself, I didn’t have too much insight, but my suggestion was to really get to know the other person first and not rush into things. I think that forming a strong base with someone is always the key to starting a happy and healthy relationship, whether it be romantic in nature or not.

Next week will be busy as my job training has just about wrapped up and the working portion is set to begin soon. Also, I’m headed to Boise, Idaho next Thursday for another conference where I will be speaking during Halloween to share my story with the people of Idaho.

Until then, I am going to try and enjoy this seasonably warm weather that we are having here in Fargo before Fall comes in to officially spoil the party.


-The ZEZ


2 thoughts on “Making My BisMarck

  1. Well done and well said. Your writings make me smile. How’s the book(let) going? Love ya’….Grandma

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  2. Zach,

    Just some food for thought.

    You mentioned the attendees asked some great questions. I would have liked to read what the questions where and some of your answers.


    Mike McMahon Organizers Direct 913-488-1963



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