A is For…

A is for April. A is for Autism Awareness. A is for Atlanta. A is for Awesome.

Any dictionary you pick up will have lots of other words that begin with the letter A as well, but those are a few of my favorite words that start with the letter A right now.

I’d like to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy World Autism Awareness Day. Recently, the CDC released a report that indicated that 1 in 68 children have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

1 in 68 is an increase from past numbers and it seems like every year, the gap shrinks and the numbers go up. One day, I hope that awareness towards autism and ASD won’t be needed because those things will no longer exist at all and a cure will one day be found. But, for now, autism and ASD are still part of our world, so my mission of education, awareness and acceptance, still continues.

On that note, as many of you know, I’m headed to Atlanta in two weeks to participate in a panel with other individuals on the spectrum at an event hosted by the CDC. It will be an exciting time and you can learn more about the event on the flyer below.


Aside from the awareness event, I’ve also decided to stop the process for the kidney donation, as it is not currently the best time for me to go through with that process. While I might try and donate again at a later time, I’ve decided right now that an equally great way to help save a life is by donating plasma and also by getting myself registered as a bone marrow donor. By donating plasma, I can help people right now and by getting myself on the bone marrow registry, I can potentially become a match for someone that needs a bone marrow transplant and help save a life that way as well. Giving plasma and bone marrow isn’t near as invasive as donating a kidney and the recovery time for bone marrow and plasma is much, much faster.

If you are interested in getting yourself on the bone marrow donor registry, you can visit bethematch.org to sign up and learn more about how bone marrow donation helps people all over the world.

Moving on, tomorrow, I will be meeting with a local individual who I understand assists individuals with autism and ASD find employment. I believe the gentleman that I am meeting with has actually created a business to do this specific thing. I’m excited for that meeting and believe that it will provide a great opportunity to share more of my story and experiences about being someone in the workforce with ASD, as well as to learn from the man I am meeting with.

I hope that all of my readers have had a great start to the month of April. As I’ve mentioned before, this month holds many exciting things for me and I hope it holds many exciting things for my readers as well.

Until next time…





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