A Pint of Dublin

Good Evening from Dublin. I was going to post yesterday but didn’t do a whole lot so I just decided to wait until today. I will mention though that yesterday I met with a representative from the Middletown Autism Centre here in Ireland. Middletown deals with schools and outreach in both Northern Ireland and Ireland, so they cover a huge area.

Today I met with a representative from the Irish Autism Society and I also toured the Guinness Storehouse. The IAS is one of the oldest Autism societies here in Ireland, as they have been around for several decades.

The Guinness Storehouse came after my meeting with the IAS and it was pretty interesting. While you can’t tour the actual brewery, you can explore several floors of the Storehouse, a large museum/visitor center dedicated to the beer that is house in a seven story atrium that is shaped like a pint glass. The highlight of the experience is The Gravity Bar, a top floor room that has a 360 degree view of Dublin.

I am now back at the hostel watching Olympic coverage and making plans to head back to the States. Although my original trip was supposed to last until March, traveling isn’t free, so I’m coming back home this weekend. Aside from coming home to be financially smart, I also am starting to miss Cow Town.

I’m not looking forward to returning to the cold and snow, but it will be nice to be back to a routine again after spending several weeks living out of a backpack.

Like my post from a few days ago, the wifi here in the hostel is a little slow, so I will add photos from the Storehouse at a later time when I get some faster wifi.

Until next time…




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