Arrivederci Roma

Buon pomeriggio da Roma! Today is my last day in Rome and tomorrow I head to Ireland! While I’m excited to go to Dublin, I’ve had a really good time here in Rome.

Yesterday I went to the Coliseum. If you pay like 10-12 Euros you can go inside, but I was content with walking around the outside of it and admiring it that way. There was some scaffolding on a part of the Coliseum when I arrived, which leads me to believe that they are doing restoration or repair work to a certain section, but otherwise, it looked great. It’s hard to believe that something from the days of the Roman gladiators is still standing today.







After the Coliseum, I returned to the hostel where I spent the evening hanging out with some new friends that I have met while I’ve been here in Rome.

Today being my last day, I decided to go and check out a few churches close to the hostel and walk around for a few hours.

Aside from going to two regular churches, I also went to Palazzo del Quirinale which is home to the President of the Italian Republic. Before becoming home to the Italian President, Quirinale was home to several Popes and was the sight of a few Papal Conclaves in the 1800’s.





My last stop of the day was Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, which in english is the Basilica of St. Mary Major. This church is one of the four main basilicas in Rome. Aside from the great architecture within the church, below the high alter is the Crypt of the Nativity which contains what are believed to be pieces of the manger from the birth of Jesus. The church also is the final resting place for a few Popes and Italian artist Gian Bernini.











Tonight I will be hanging around the hostel and might be grabbing dinner with one of the new friends that I made here in Rome.

Aside from London, I have to say that right now, Rome has been my second favorite city of the trip so far.

Until next time from Ireland….




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