Berlin: The Last Day

Good Evening from Berlin! I had a busy day today and I can’t believe that tomorrow, I head to Rome. This trip is going by fast.

As I mentioned in my morning blog entry, I was headed to a pharmacy to get some medication for whatever I have come down with. After visiting the pharmacy and getting some German cough medicine, hopefully this will start to do the trick. I’ve decided to self diagnose myself with what I am going to call the SEC aka Stupid European Cough. At this point I am going to continue taking European cough medicines and ride this thing out like a boss.

My cough aside, today was a nice last day here in Berlin. This morning I made my way first to Brandenburger Tor, or as you may know it, The Brandenburg Gate. The gate was put up in the 18th century as one of the big gates into the city and it was also a spot that the wall passed right by. So, the gate has seen a lot over the years.




After the gate, I walked down the block to Reichstag, the home of German parliament. People are allowed to go up in the Reichstag dome for free but you still need to make a reservation. I could have made a reservation for late afternoon, but decided that looking from the outside was just fine.



The Holocaust Memorial followed the Reichstag but unfortunately the museum below the memorial is closed on Monday’s so I only got the see the outside of the memorial. The memorial contains 2,711 stone slabs to help memorialize the Jews that were murdered in Europe.




My final stop within the city limits was the Berlin Dom and the TV Tower. The Dom is one of the largest cathedrals in Berlin and is supposed to be beautiful inside. Like some of the other cathedrals I have been to, there is a fee, so I once again took only outside pictures.



The TV Tower also costs a few Euros to go up in, and yet again, I figured a view from the ground was nicer since it was free. The church pictured in front of the TV Tower is the same church with the chapel pictures below. Note the angel holding the skull in the photo of the gravestone, I thought that was interesting.






My very last stop of the day was just outside of downtown at Olympic Stadium. The stadium was built between 1934-36 by the Nazi’s for the 1936 Summer Olympics that Berlin was host to. In 2006 the stadium also hosted some of the Men’s World Cup for soccer that year.




I’ve enjoyed my few days here in Berlin and was vastly more happy with this city than I was with Paris. Here is a picture of me with a hoodie wearing bear for you to enjoy. Apparently the bear is the mascot of Berlin.


Until next time, which will be from Rome…




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