Berlin After Day One

Good Monday Morning from Germany! I heard that the Broncos got rocked in last nights game, so clearly I didn’t miss much.

I’m still battling my cold and will be going to a German pharmacy today to get some antibiotics to start getting rid of this bug once and for all. I’ll let you all know tonight once I have a diagnosis.

Yesterday was a busy day for me here in Germany’s capital city. I started the day at the East Side Gallery which is a 1.3 kilometer section of the wall that is the largest outdoor art park in the world. It’s an art park since once side of the wall is painted in brilliant murals done by local artists. After the wall I walked across the Oberbaumbruckle Bridge which served as one of the checkpoints between East and West Germany when the wall was up.

After the bridge walk, I hopped on the train and headed over to Checkpoint Charlie, the crossing made famous during the wall since it was the crossing point for American military.

My final activity of the day was a visit to the Topography of Terror which was a free museum on the former land where the SS and Secret Police had their headquarters from 1933 to 1945. Definitely an interesting look into the history of the site where all of the administrative operations for Nazi terror including the concentration camps were carried out. There was even a basement jail. While the site was completely distorted after WW2, now the land contains only the ruins of a Nazi mess hall and the foundation to the main building. The mess hall ruins are included in one of the pictures below.

My meal last night was a German meat and cheese plate with a dark German beer at a small local German brewery. You’ll find a picture of that meal below.

Well, I’ve got to get to that German pharmacy but I’ll be back tonight with a blog on today’s activities.

Today will include a visit to the famous Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and finally, the Reichstag. The Reichstag is the parliament building for Germany and includes a glass dome on top with a viewing platform. Tonight will include a recap and photos from all of those places.

Until later, best.


















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