Good Morning from Berlin!

Good Morning from Berlin! Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday, I was just really tired after I arrived and I am having a hard time getting good wifi here at the hostel in Germany.

That said, the bad connection issues are making the internet slower which is making it harder for me to upload pictures to the blog, let alone even send and check e-mails or access the internet.

It almost seems like each time I get to another country, the wifi continues to get worse.

Once I find a really good wifi connection, I will go ahead and post pictures from my last day in Paris, as well as the ones I have been taking and will continue to be taking here in Berlin.

Today I am going to try and go sightsee for a few hours and then tonight I will most likely be calling it an early evening. I haven’t been feeling very well since I have left London and due to that, I’ve been going to bed earlier then I normally would be if I was fully healthy. Since I’m not feeling great and will be going to bed early, I will be missing the Super Bowl since it won’t be on here until almost midnight.

As much as I want to watch the game, the fact that it is on so late at night, just doesn’t make it smart to watch, especially if I want to beat my cold or whatever it is that I have, before Rome.

If I end up staying sick for the rest of my trip, I definitely won’t be happy.

Sorry to be on my soapbox, but I guess I’m just really sad that I’m sick during such an important and special trip.

Until next time, all the best.



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