In Paris, Pink Rabbits Ride the Train!

Good evening everyone! It’s just before 6 PM here in Paris and I’ve had a busy day. This morning, I woke up and had some of the free breakfast that the hostel offered and it wasn’t too bad. They are big into Nutella style spread here so I had some of that with bread and juice. Maybe not your typical french meal but not super American either. After I finished breakfast, I actually made my way back up to bed where I ended up sleeping for an additional 5 hours. I came down with a small cold my last day or two in London, so ultimately, it was both easier and more practical for me to go back to bed and get some extra sleep.

After getting up at about 2 PM Paris time, I decided to go and visit the Eiffel Tower. I can’t come to Paris without seeing it, and I figured that the first day in town would be the best day to see it. Below are some photos and videos that I took of the experience. Like yesterday, my ride on the train to the tower was confusing and busy. Very few people spoke English but I was happy that the information officers did, since ultimately they were the ones that directed me to the right trains.

After riding on the Subway, I noticed something, here in France, they think that Pink Rabbits ride the train. See why from the safety sign pictured below.


I don’t know if they have been inhaling too much stinky cheese here in Paris, but evidently, the French people seem to think that if you are going to get your hand caught in a train door, then you will most likely resemble the rabbit from Winnie The Poo if you were dunked into a can of Pepto Bismol and dressed in a yellow jumpsuit. Like I said, there must be something in the cheese here.

Outside of my quick trip to the Eiffel Tower today, I decided to get a burger here at the hostel. While it was your basic cheeseburger, it was nice to have some food that I was familiar with from back home.

I almost forgot to mention, yesterday I finally met an Irish person. There seem to be many Asians and Spanish people here so finding ones who speak English always tend to be a nice surprise, even though it’s a rarity right now. Either way, meeting new people continues to be an interesting and culturally eye-opening experience.

Tomorrow I am planning on going to Notre Dame and then possibly the famous French Cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried, weather pending.

Since I like to keep you entertained, once again I’ve posted the pictures and video from today at the bottom of today’s entry.
I hope you like them.

Until next time, have a great day.

Best- ZEZ







One thought on “In Paris, Pink Rabbits Ride the Train!

  1. SO happy for you Zach and jealous! Keep the pictures coming. We miss you!
    -Jordan and Tyler


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