Paris, France…Slightly Confusing and Cold!

Bonjour de Paris. Je dois apprendre à parler un peu français. I’ve officially arrived in Paris and am safely at the hostel after having to walk around for over an hour trying to find the place. This trip has become real now since I’ve arrived in my first non-English speaking country. While I am grateful for my translation app, I think the French people will be glad I have it as well. The more they can understand me and I them, the better.

My phone died right before I left London so I am just now getting it charged. Without any phone battery, I had to ask for directions to the hostel the old fashioned way, by pointing at maps and making up words that sounded semi-French but I’m sure made no sense.

The room I have here at the hostel is a 12 person dorm style room and I only have three roommates as of right now. If you’ve read my last blog post, you’ll know that I met a ton of Australians at the hostel in London and already met two here. Well, one of my roommates is probably Australian and then there was a girl on the elevator with me that I’m pretty sure was Australian. For the most part they are all a friendly bunch.

I’m curious about what countries will be represented here during my Paris stay. I’m hoping more english speakers because not having to worry about a language barrier is always a plus.

I’ve come down with a little bit of a cold, which isn’t really surprising due to all of the travel that I’ve been doing so I’m planning on having a low key night tonight and catching up on some rest so I can be good for the next few days here in Napoleon’s backyard.

Until tomorrow, bonne nuit à partir de Paris.



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