Not So Foggy London Town

Good afternoon! Well actually, for most of you reading, good morning! It’s now just past 12:30 PM London Time and I am officially on European soil. After an uneventful flight to Dublin, which contained maybe 10 minutes of actual sleep, I arrived in Dublin. My flight out of Dublin to London was supposed to leave at 12:15 PM, but I was able to get bumped up to the 9:15 AM flight, which allowed me to arrive in London just after 11 AM. Once I arrived at Heathrow, I quickly got myself down to the train platform and purchased an Oyster Card. To Londoners, the Oyster Card is essentially a card you load up with money to use on the Underground, or as the locals call it, the Tube.

So, my first official London purchase…an Oyster Card. I’m sure you were expecting me get my first souvenir at Harrods, but that will have to wait for another day.

I could have taken a 15 minute express train into the city, but instead I opted for the cheaper and more scenic route and took the normal train into town. And let me tell you, so far, I believe that the Tube is the cleanest subway system I’ve ridden in my life. I’ve ridden the BART in San Francisco, the ‘EL’ in Chicago and the subway in New York and by far, London has them all beat.

After taking the Tube into town, I walked around for about 30 minutes trying to locate my hostel and I finally found it. Since check in isn’t technically until 2 PM, I decided to leave the hostel and camp out at where else, a Starbucks. I’ve been in Europe for less than 12 hours and I’ve already succumb to finding a Starbucks. So much for exploring European cuisine.

I thought about posting a cliche picture of a double decker bus when I saw one pass by earlier, but I decided to hold off and save my first blog photos for something better than just a hunk of metal and fuel.

Once I officially get possession of my room at the hostel, I plan on staying close to there and figuring out the next three and a half days in London before I head to Paris on Tuesday. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve only been running on about 10 minutes of sleep for the last 30-some hours, so I will most likely be going to bed around 8 or 9 tonight. I might end up falling asleep earlier, who knows.

That’s it for until next time.

You stay classy America.

– The ZEZ


2 thoughts on “Not So Foggy London Town

  1. Glad you arrived safely…..sound hyped up and prepared for whatever you encounter. You’ve been some place I haven’t been…England….maybe some future day. Anxious to hear about the hostel…hope you are comfortable. Enjoy your exploring….take some super shots….and engage in some friendships along the way. Love you, Grandma

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  2. Awesome !! Sounds like you are off to a great start. Be safe, and enjoy ! Looking forward to your next post. Rod


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